I develop games for the good old Commodore 64. But I start coding on the Commodore 128 back in 1993 when I was ten years old. Mostly because it has better Basic programming language (Basic 7.0) than what the Commodore 64 had (Basic 2.0).
Commodore machines have been an important part of my life since youth, from the C64 to the Amiga and the love has never disappeared.

In 1997, I started to make movies, the first movie I ever did was called “Mortal Flames” and was in fact an adaptation from a Commodore 128 game I did in 1996. My focus was more into movie making than game development around this time, but I still used the Commodore 128 to do the movie opening/end credits, the last movie I ever did that used credits created with a C128 Basic program has in February 2001.

2009 I decided to learn to be a game programmer for “real”, so I applied to a school called The Game Assembly, today it is considered one of the best game development schools in the world. They have provided talents to the Swedish game industry since 2008 (I was one of the second generation of students) and 10% of the Swedish industry are alumni from TGA.

In 2012 I started to work in the game industry. But after a few years I wanted to do something else and around this time The C64mini was released…I was hooked again! I wanted to start developing C64 games for “real” this time, it was time to learn assembly language, so I decided to quit my usual job to educate game programmers (C++) and game development at The Game Assembly school and at the same time develop games for the Commodore 64 with passion.



You can contact me on following e-mail: games@qudgar.se