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I develop games for the good old Commodore 64

The 8-Bit Is Alive!!


FIRST DEMO     2023-11-11

A playable demo version of Broken Mirror is now available as a download.

Dowload Demo: Download d64-file (171kB)

Please send in bug reports and other feedback to: games@qudgar.se

OLD GAMES AVAILABLE     2023-10-28

You can now download two of my games: "Mortal Flames (1996)" and "Mortal Flames II (1997)", both have been recreated to the Commodore 64 in 2020 with some adjustments (a.k.a. "Director's Cut Edition)

Go visit the Game page to download.

ONLINE!!     2023-10-27

Finally the new site is online. Stay tuned for more news.