Point & Click | 2009, 2024

Are you ready for the truth? You wakes up in a damp and cold cell. Your head hurts like it has been smashed with something and you feel very dizzy. You canít remember who you are and why you are locked it. You need to find a way out of this place and find out who you are.

This was originally an Interactive Fiction game created in a programming language called ALAN IF. Alan is a tool for creating just text adventure games to this day. This was the first game I ever created at The Game Assembly when I studied there back in 2009, the same school that I now work at.

For years I have thinking about to remake this game to a classic Point & Click game, but because I didnít have the source code or even a playable version of the game the task was impossible.

The turning point came when I started working for The Game Assembly and searched through the game archive. At first, I found nothing. Which led me to believe that the game really was lost in time. But after a month or so I took another look and really searched through everything, and thatís when I found it, the game was just archived in the wrong folder. The source code was still gone but there was a playable version of the game.
But since the source code was gone, the only option I had was to play through the whole game, writing down everything, find all the hidden stuff that we implemented over ten years ago. Strangely, I pretty much remembered everything. Now it was time to finally code the game to the Commodore 64.


Original game from 2009, to solve puzzles and move to
the next room, you have to enter everything by hand.
We included a map to make is easier to navigate.
C64 Version

Here we have the Remake (or Demake) for the C64.
Now it is a Point & Click game with great inventory.
No map was needed anymore.


Download options
Minimum system requirements: C64 (or C128 in C64 mode), Joystick, NTSC
Also compatible with: TheC64mini / TheC64


B .d64-file

B .d64-file

Game Trailer

This Trailer shows more about the story and mystery of the game.


Gameplay Video

This video shows how you will play the game. Your you all that have played
old Point & Click games will recognize allot of element.


Code & Graphics: Tommie Hansmar
Music: 4gente, Gee, NoiseArt, Syndrom, Twisted
Original Game By: Tobias Nyman, Tommie Hansmar, Natalie Ericsson, Ludvig Myrgren



Here you can see screenshots from the game.





BROKEN MIRROR: Original Game
Text Adventure | 2009

For those of you who are curious about the original game from 2009;
here is the game's original trailer:


The game is also available for download, ready to be played.
But before you download the game you first need the correct software to play it due to it was
created in the programming language ALAN IF.

You can download ALAN IF here:

requirements: ALAN IF


B .zip-file
(zip-file includes two files; .a3c-file & .a3r-file)

Programmers: Tobias Nyman, Tommie Hansmar
Graphics: Natalie Ericsson, Ludvig Myrgren
Music by: Ludvig Myrgren